About Melissa Parkinson

My journey began as a little girl with a love of storybooks.

From the time I'd learned how to spell, I remember being driven to write and it all began from there.


Well...that and the repeat viewings of The Making of Michael Jackson's Thriller at the age of 3 upwards! That's where I became fascinated in 'process' and the magic of making.

From there on in I had felt a calling to tell stories and knew that it was my life purpose...

 I began exploring various mediums. Newspaper, radio, TV, and Digital Media, even a little bit of basic animation...

I soon realised I loved it all. 

By the time I'd finished my Bachelor of Multimedia and Media Studies degree at Swinburne, I had spent quite a bit of time exploring various forms of creative media.


So...here I am (ta da!)...a Digital Content Creator with a love of arts, culture and community!

I believe in combining  an 'authentic voice' with old and new media conventions and a sprinkle of 'fairy dust' (so to speak ...but I can bring some glitter along for a bit of pizazz) to make a story stand out in quality style.

Please stay tuned to more of my shenanigans during the coming months, I'd love to stay in touch and share anecdotes and tips along the way.

Cheers and thanks for stopping by!


Don't forget to drop me a message if you wanna collaborate!